Could you use an extra thousand dollars or two? Win the Rusty Pilot Scholarship to get back in the cockpit. Paid for by

Rusty Pilot Scholarship Rules & Requirements:

You Must:
– Hold at least a sport, rec, or private pilot certificate
– Have not flown in 2+ years
– Be able to pass current 3rd class medical requirements if applicable
– Be able to locate Logbook


Entering to win the Rusty Pilot Scholarship is easy. Simply follow the steps below exactly how they are laid out:

Using a webcam, phone, video camera etc… Make a video of yourself using the following script:

Hi my name is _____________ and I haven’t flown in ______ years. I’m applying for the Rusty Pilot Scholarship from Here’s my story… (Share you story of why you stopped flying and why it’s important for you to get back in the cockpit)

We’re not judging on video quality or on camera talent. We’re looking for rusty pilots with compelling stories.

Factors that will sway your likelihood of winning the scholarship (In order of importance)

1. The Story – We want to help those with the most compelling story and desire/passion for aviation.
2. Video Views – Is your story getting a lot of views and attention. If the world likes your story thats always a plus.


Upload your video to YouTube with the following title: “(your name) Scholarship Application”

Write a brief description on Youtube and upload it.

Once it’s uploaded and public copy the link and paste it in the form below for Jason and the judges to review.

Good Luck! Fill out the form below once your video is complete.