Announcing The Rusty Pilot Scholarship



  1. Jason: I’ve sold my plane in 2003. I’m 90 years old.
    I think I’m too old to fly and be safe.
    Bob Guyas

    • well my friendo, you prove that once again “with age does come wisdom”at 75 I guess I got 15 to go,or there abouts

    • Hey Robert
      Just because your 90 should not mean you cannot fly, if your health is good and you’re in a good mental state, there is no reason you should not fly,my advice would be to go up with an instructor and join a flying club that has members in it at or around your age group.
      Dave Zichek

  2. Dear Jason and Ashley-

    Many, many congratulations on the birth of your adorable daughter!

    Wishing you all the best for 2015.

    Leslie Storie-Pugh
    Toulouse, France

  3. Happy New Year to you, Jason, and to your family.
    for years
    At 73, I am still working on my PPL.

    Watching your MzeroA presentations on You Tube for years has been a marvelous opportunity to gain knowledge, attitude and develop skill.
    Best of all, your energy and enthusiasm reflects the wonder and joy of pushing the throttle to the wall and lifting off into freedom of the sky.

    I was very happy to meet you at Air Aventure 2014 and observed at the time that you are a very inspiring face of aviation.

    Best Regards,

    David Wayne Smith, Sr
    Pewaukee, WI (KUES)

  4. Great idea Jason! Thanks for offering. We need to get more pilots in the air! I wish this had been available 2 years ago when I took to the sky for the first time in over 20 years. I am SO happy I did.

    • Same here, my friend. About 2 1/2 years back in the cockpit after just over 20 out of it. Huge Thanks to my younger brother who got the bug way back then when he went flying with me.

  5. always watch your videos you put out great information.

  6. Hi Jason & Ashley!

    Happy New Year, and thank you so much for your generous offer! I don’t know if I am quite eligible for the scholarship either; but I am a new subscriber to m0a, and I plan to make the effort to do the video anyway to introduce myself to you and your wonderful family. You guy are doing a superb job carrying the torch for GA, and I really look forward to participating in your community!


  7. Congratulations on your daughter Jason. I’m 78 and quit flying in 1965 with a PPL. Got my physical a little over a year ago and got checked out and having a ball flying again. Enjoy your videos and try to apply your ideas everytime I fly. Keep up the good work. I don’t need the scholarship but applaud you for your commitment to general aviation.


  8. Happy New years, To you and yours!! Well at 56 and just starting out I hope to get atleast 20 years of flying logged in, Lol!!

  9. Ohh so cute! Congratulations on the new addition. Thanks for the vid with the update. I love that you will be focusing on getting rusty pilots back into the air. I have a question…. I’m at the very start of working on my PPL. The last time I flew was 22 years ago but as a glider pilot (not single engine PPL). Do I qualify to apply for the scholarship?

  10. I love how Ashley is making the “wrap it up” face half way through. That baby gets heavy quick huh?

    Happy New Year and we know that someone very deserving will get to enjoy the fantastic contribution you’re making!

  11. Jason, its a great thing you and MzeroA are doing here and I wish I could qualify although I dont as I am a student pilot and have had to step back the last 5months due to funds. I had applied for the AOPA scholarship in 14 and plan to do so again in 15 as my goal is achieving my ppl and than multi and ultimately a commercial class. Since I dont qualify for Rusty Pilots does anyone know of others besides AOPA. Thanks for all the great videos and keep up the great work. Congrats on the new addition to your family. Mike Mabrey, Edgerton Ks


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